Yes - that’s right - I have purchased a new domain and have moved the blog to use it. So, welcome to :)

There were many small reasons for the move, but the final push over the edge was the sheer anger I felt concerning the response that Danielle Brown, the head of Diversity and Inclusion over at Google, had for the 10-page manifesto - a bigoted sexist piece authored by a white male Googler. Instead of firing the man for his hateful remarks and denouncing his rhetoric, Danielle Brown (paraphrasing) said that there should be room for diverse opinions. This man still works at Google.

With all due respect, what was stated in the writing wasn’t merely opinion. It was an unfettered expression of hatred and oppression, and it’s disgusting.

If we make it “ok” to say these hateful things, it will make a work environment toxic. We can’t build communities on the basis of writs like this. We cannot give hate a platform.

So, until this author is fired and a clear, unwavering statement is made stating that sexist and bigoted nature of the piece being fundamentally unacceptable, I am boycotting Google. I will not be using Google services or tools, including:

I urge you to do the same.

Tonight, I have already removed most services, and am in the process to migrating the last of the email piece over the next day.

We need to send a clear message - We don’t have room in our lives for hate speech.